Version 1.13

Bug Fixes • Fixed RSP2 IF AGC/gain slider display issues Updates

• Added IF Output mode for transceivers

• Added 250 Hz to frequency step size list

• Default page in the settings panels is now the left most page each time SDRuno is started

• Added RSP2 IF GR/Gain value

• Added Factory Reset in the Main Window OPT menu (1st Instance only)

• Improved power function error handling

• Added support for Sub Modes, Filter BW and Port Selction in the Memory Panel

• Changed RDS window colour scheme to match other windows

• Added new hotkeys ‘v’, ‘-‘ and ‘+’ which are for VFO, Out and In zoom buttons in the SP1 window

• Hotkey ‘b’ now opens AND closes the memory panel • Changed the default sync Rig->VRX setting to true • API – RefClk o/p no longer stops when the master RSP2 stops streaming




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